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The Eve of the first day of Kindergarten

August 10, 2018

As I sat here tonight making my son’s lunch for school tomorrow for the first time, I thought I would be thinking how I couldn’t believe that our first baby was starting school tomorrow. And while those thoughts were floating around too, I mostly was thinking about my mom and the many years she spent in the evenings (or early mornings) making my school lunches. She always packed our lunches so thoughtfully, and while I was doing the same tonight I thought about making our son’s lunch perfect too. It’s like a simple sandwich all of a sudden will have the ability to let him know that I was thinking of him midway through his day.
I know I am not the only one tonight preparing for the first day of Kindergarten. All week (all summer), I kept catching myself glancing at my oldest and wondering how we got here so quickly. Those older and wiser than us told my husband and I that this would happen. That our little ones grow fast, and boy were they right. I feel like I have been holding my breath this past week in anticipation for this day. Even now I find myself struggling to find the right words or emotions I feel about it—can I feel all of them at once?
I am excited for him and I am relieved that he is excited too. But I’m also a little surprised by the fact that just by being at open house the other night I felt my eyes well with tears and had to hang back just to make sure I was composed. Then today, when we read a book about Kindergarten I found that same lump in my throat. I looked at my son and I said “If you see me teary-eyed tomorrow, know that it’s just because I am so happy and excited for you.” He smiled his adorable little grin and that was that.
What I can confidently say is that even if I am (partly) not ready for this to start, he is. We have watched him grow from this happy, easy to get along with baby, to a sweet and kind boy. I know he will thrive. I know he will make new friends and learn all of the things that school teaches us into adulthood, and I know he will do well!  I’m wishing all of my mom friends, teacher friends, a very wonderful first day tomorrow! And a special thank you to my own mom, for the many school lunches throughout the years. xo
And if you stuck around this long— here’s a photo of my first day of Kindergarten 🙂 Yes, I had a pink Cadillac backpack!

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  1. Donna

    August 10th, 2018 at 2:08 am

    Love this picture of you off to kindergarten with your pink backpack and socks with the ruffles, Renee😊 Kenny had curly, blonde hair then!
    Colton is going to be a great little student😍

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